Renovation, Decoration, Inspiration with Celebrity Experts

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Paul LeFrance Karl Lohnes Albert Graves Donna Robertson Nicholas Rosaci
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Welcome to The 27th International Home & Garden Show

The International Home _ Garden Show _ Successful Gardening Show will feature over three acres of amazing home _ garden shopping with expert advice from over 400 exhibitors at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, 255 Front Street. West. Toronto, Canada.  Act NOW and EXHIBIT WITH US!

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Don’t miss this years “Let’s Dance” Floral _ Plant Garden Show Feature. The Ontario Horticultural Association’s Floral Design and Plant Competition, welcomes avid gardeners from across the province to compete in this amazing showcase with hundreds of floral designs, special features and local _ exotic plants.  

The Celebrity Superhouse Theatre, Celebrity Garden Theatre, and The Helping You Grow Theatre; will be packed with blooming ideas, insightful designers and seasoned gardening gurus who provide their wealth of knowledge and experiences through our educational seminars and demonstrations. 


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